We’re excited to announce our rebrand: Ding is now Ome!

 We knew we needed to change our branding.  We had to differentiate ourselves from competitors and create a name that allowed expansion to new product lines.  Rebranding now means we can enter the market with a fresh identity.

Our new branding . . .

Creates Balance Between Homeliness And Technology

Ome takes inspiration from the word ‘home’ with a nod to the electrical connectivity of ‘ohm’ but never forgetting the calm in the ‘om’ you might say at yoga.  Our naming reflects our philosophy: a harmony between technology and the design of the home keeps life simple.

Sets Us Apart From Other Smart Products  

Ome is not just another technology company.  We love thoughtful design and products that truly suit the home. We wanted our identity to reflect this.

Lets Us Introduce New Product Lines Beyond Our Ome Smart Doorbell

Ding was the perfect name for our doorbell but Ome gets us ready to bring you other smart homewares.  We can’t wait to design and create more beautiful objects.

With love from Ome