At Ome we know that time is important and we all want to spend more of it doing the things we love. To inspire you to think about time we’ve put together five clock ideas that will help you get on with things, wake up or just simply sit on ponder.
A reimagined 24 hour clock
Ome Smart Doorbell loves The Today Clock
The Today clock rotates around 24 hours, splitting the day into a perfect balance of dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight. It has been designed to give you a different perception of time so you can make space for things in life that cannot be counted. Designed by Scott Thrift and available here.
Wake up with the senses
Ome Smart Doorbell loves coffee making clock
The Barisieur is an automatic coffee or tea brewer that will start brewing at your preset time. Imagine waking up to soft bubbling sounds, gentle aromas and a cup that’ll get you ready for the day ahead. That’s got to be better than your alarm clock. Available here.
Tell the time
Ome Smart Doorbell loves QLOCKTWO on a wall
The QLOCKTWO has no hands or digits, instead It uses a quadratic matrix of letters to turn time into a statement. It is “ten past twelve“. Available from QLOCKTWO.
Life is too short to wait
Ome Smart Doorbell loves concrete clock
French designer Bertrand Jayr uses the idea of the digital loading icon in his clock design to represent a deeper meaning of time beyond minutes and hours. Aptly named “Life in Progress”, Jayr wants you to think more about what your time means. Available from Lyon Beton.
Time is not mechanical
Unlike traditional clocks, the Ferrolic clock has no mechanical parts. It relies on electromagnetism to control the display made up of ferrofluid – a black magnetic liquid. A browser based app has also been made so users can customise the display, adapting the shapes and numbers shown. (Source Dezeen).
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