Here are four bright ideas to keep you switched on. You’ll find designs that surprise and delight, create intrigue and invite play, and even connect people across the world. 
Drop Top
Ome Smart Doorbell loves drop top lampshadesMade from mouth-blown glass the Drop Top is the first lamp shade from British lighting brand Plumen. It directs light downwards but is made from a tinted, transparent material that complements the sculptural form of the brand’s bulbs. Available in amber, black and white from Plumen.
Stay connected with loved ones
The Good Night Lamp was created to keep loved ones connected, no matter where they are in the world. When you turn on a Big Lamp the Small Lamp you’ve given away will light up too. As your family grows or moves away, you can add as many Little Lamps as you like. You can sign up to preorder at
Reading Light
Ome Smart Doorbell loves light which looks like a book
The Lumio Book lamp at first glance looks like any other book. Look a little closer and you’ll see it’s bound with a tactile lasercut wood cover. Open it up it and watch it turn into a magical sculptural light illumination powered by a high-performing LED. Available from the MoMA Store.
Ome Smart Doorbell loves light that projects a lampshade
A simple white steel rod at first the YOY light is a little more creative that you might imagine. Turn it on and the luminaire casts light to cleverly project a classic lamp shade silhouette. Available from the MoMA.
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