What a beautiful shed build! Weston, Surman & Deane designed this writer’s shed with its backlit cedar facade. The client has a passion for children’s literature and wanted somewhere to escape to and write or illustrate.

Ome loves the result. The glow creates a fairytale-feel against the backdrop of a residential street in Hackney, London. This feels like somewhere you can really retreat to, extending the client’s home right into the garden.

The wooden slats let the light shine back towards the house, maintaining privacy and angling the light away from neighbouring properties, whilst maintaining the magical quality of the space.

What we love most is the use of cedar that gives a timelessness to the build. Earlier this year, we scoped the design of a limited-edition wooden-clad Ome Smart Doorbell. The cedar in this architecture makes us want to realise those ideas!


 Weston, Surman & Deane Shed Design

Photographs by Wai Ming Ng.