Team Ome headed to Grand Designs Live.  We loved every minute of taking our smart doorbell to the Birmingham NEC.  

Below are our top ten highlights from Grand Designs Live...

  1. Meeting the absolute hero Kevin McCloud and getting to talk to him about smart homes!
    Ome Smart Doorbell CEO John Nussey Meeting Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs
  2. Meeting all the Grand Designs lovers.  This crowd came to the event with so much curiosity and plenty of questions.  We loved seeing everyone get excited about our smart doorbell!
    Team Ome and the Ome Smart Doorbell at Grand Designs Live
  3. We love this corrugate made from hemp by Margent Farm.  Plus it's sustainable.  Yes, please.
    Grand Designs Live Hemp Corrugate by Margent Farm
  4. These wool carpets use sustainably sourced British wool.  We can't get enough of wool and its lasting, cosy character.  That's why we use a 90% wool fabric for our smart doorbell chime and we instantly fell in love with these carpets!
    British Wool Carpets at Grand Designs Live
  5. Kevin's talk on nothing less than the history of toilets
    Kevin McCloud Talking About The History of Toilets at Grand Designs Live
  6. These clever shelter designs for homeless people.
    Sheter Designs for Homeless People Featured at Grand Designs Live
  7. This brilliant talk by Piers Taylor on trusting your architect.  We love this quote that really rings true for the Ome team and our design philosophy:

    "Avoid thinking you can take something generic and add stuff to make it better"
    Piers Taylor at Grand Designs Live
  8. This minimal bath tub made from stone dust composite.  Our CEO John liked it so much that he got straight in!
    Ome Smart Doorbell CEO John Nussey Loves This Minimal Bath at Grand Designs Live
  9. This beautiful mouth-blown glass ambient light bulbs by Tala.  
    Tala mouth blown glass light bulbs
  10. Getting to set up our brand new Ome Smart Doorbell event stand for the first time.  You can read more about our stand design here.
    Ome Smart Doorbell Stand at Grand Designs Live