Our Ome Smart Doorbell packaging has landed!

Team Ome worked on the new ‘Ome’ logo with the brilliant branding agency Bibliotheque. You can read more about our logo creation here. We loved our new logo. But we needed to give the packaging a fresh look and feel to match the boldness of our updated logo.

Designer and co-founder, Avril, worked hard to create a look that retained our smart doorbell’s identity but complemented the our more impactful logo.

‘We really wanted the Ome Smart Doorbell to stand out with a stronger colour palette and simple imagery’

Avril O’Neil, Co-Founder

Avril’s design uses vibrant colours and close-up photographs to really showcase the detail of our product. We love the nuances of the woven textiles on our smart doorbell chime and we want customers to see that clearly. Avril also decided to keep the imagery simple. This reflects our philosophy and the simplicity of our doorbell.

The careful use of the kraft board prevents the smart doorbell from being pressed in transit so the clever little battery doesn't drain.  We love using kraft board because it means our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We couldn’t be happier with the result. The printing company we’re working with are great at achieving clean and crisp images on the printed sleeve. We love how the white pops against our new colour scheme!


Ome Smart Doorbell and Chime Set in Brass in 100% Recyclable Packaging


Ome Smart Doorbell and Chime Set in Brass in 100% Recyclable Packaging