Team Ome love seeing new smart products on the market. But when will the average home really get that little bit smarter?

We spotted this lovely little idea on Kickstarter for a smart key overlay. Locky really understand simplicity: the overlay makes it impossible to leave your house unlocked and the app acts as a key tracker. But what we love most about this design is that you don’t need to modify your door or pay for professional installation.

Ome Loves Locky's Smart Lock Key Overlay

With so many smart thermostats and security products aimed at homeowners, it is great to see designs for the rental market. 

When we designed the Ome Smart Doorbell, we really wanted the solution to work with people’s modern lives. Not everybody can install a permanent smart product in their home. Ome's rechargeable battery is what makes this possible. The clever little lithium battery lasts between 6-9 months after a full charge. This keeps our installation easy. Users simply need to attach the doorbell to their door frame using the screws provided - or the adhesive pads if their landlord’s door is particularly sensitive!

We designed the Ome Smart Doorbell to make lots of homes a little bit smarter. Here is to seeing more smart home products without the hardwiring or installation costs like Locky's.  You can support them now on Kickstarter!  

Ome Smart Doorbell DIY Installation