CNET This smart doorbell doesn't have a security camera

Published by CNET,  Megan Wollerton, Tues 11 October 2016


Ome smart home doorbell

The Ding Smart Doorbell is a pared-down version of the connected buzzers we've seen so far. 

You know the drill. Someone rings your doorbell when you aren't expecting it and you immediately enter stealth mode -- tiptoeing around to catch a glimpse of the person through a nearby window without them noticing you.

If it's a solicitor, you'll want to ignore it. But if it's a delivery person bringing that cute sweater you ordered from Asos a day earlier than anticipated, you'll want to answer. What to do, what to do...

A handful of enterprising startups are already working to solve this universal dilemma with the smart doorbell. A Wi-Fi-enabled gizmo you swap in where your old buzzer used to be, smart doorbells give you more ways to "screen" your front door without actually opening it.

The Ding Smart Doorbell, pre-orderable on Kickstarter beginning today for a minimum campaign contribution of $119/£92 -- roughly AU$155 at the current exchange rate -- is simply the latest iteration of this connected doorbell trend.


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